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Dealing with a Hoarder clearance can be very upsetting, stressful and challenging. Locating sentimental or valuable items can be very difficult and dealing with unwanted items can feel like an impossible task. As we specialise within hoarder clearances, we are able to deal with this on your behalf and understand the impact this can have on you. We offer free advice to all our clients to help deal with your hoarder clearance and offer a total clearance solution, designed to help you move forward.

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Hoarder Clearances Designed Around You

Our Hoarder clearance service is tailored to suit you; Whether you need a partial or full clearance, we are on hand to help. We will guide you through the whole process, so you get the exact service you require from us. We are on hand to answer any questions and offer free advice.

We work on your behalf and can complete any clearance without your presence should you prefer. We can dispose of all items including furniture, white goods, clothing and kitchenware. We can take up unwanted carpets, clear lofts, cellars, garages and outbuildings.

If you live elsewhere and cannot meet us directly, we can arrange access through your estate agent or representative in order to provide a quote or carry out the work.

Free tailored quotes

As every hoarder clearance is unique in terms of the amount of waste to clear and the time to do this, then costs vary accordingly. This is why we offer free of charge visits, so we understand exactly what you need from us. During this visit, we can answer any questions you may have and offer advice to make your hoarder clearance as easy as possible.

Our quotes take into account any items of value that you do not wish to keep; We offset these items against the cost of the clearance to reduce the overall cost of your clearance.

Your property is fully covered

We understand that the property being cleared is often being prepared for sale or rental. We take great care to avoid any damage to the property during a hoarder clearance and have fully trained staff to avoid this.

Should the worst occur during a clearance, you can rest assured that you and your property are fully covered with the correct insurances, giving you extra peace of mind.

Fully licensed waste carrier

As we are fully registered and licensed upper tier waste carriers with the Environment Agency, you can be sure your clearance items are handled correctly and responsibly. All waste items are processed for recycling at a registered waste and recycling recovery site; any none recyclable items are prepared for incineration for energy production.

Responsible waste management is very important to us and with fly tipping on the increase; it is so important to use a reputable business for your disposal needs. This protects you from the risk of being fined, as it is your legal responsibility to use a licenced waste carrier. In 2020/21, local authorities within England dealt with 1.13 million fly tipping incidents (DEFRA 2021).

Charity and environment

As well as being fully licenced waste carriers, whenever we carry out a hoarder clearance, we always strive to reuse or recycle as many items as possible. We work closely with various charities and businesses to achieve this, avoiding unnecessary waste wherever possible.

Items such as kitchenware, clothing, tools and furniture are often reusable and we regularly donate these items to charities. This helps reduce the overall cost of a clearance, benefits others and lessens the impact upon our environment.

Hoarder clearance additional services

Many of our clients require a property that has been cleared to be made ready for sale or for rental. This is why we have additional services available that offer bespoke cleaning options. These services include professional cleaning and professional carpet cleaning.

These services are available once a clearance is complete. If you require any of these services, please let us know during the initial visit. We will provide you with a separate quote for any additional services.

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We believe customer satisfaction is the most important measure of success in any business. This belief forms part of our core values and motivates us to provide a highly reliable, professional service as standard for clients.

As a result, we have built up a strong reputation within our sector, delivering a high quality, dependable hoarder clearance service. This is reflected in the reviews we have received to date, which we pride ourselves upon.

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Hoarder Clearance Frequently asked questions

We have put together a number of answers to the common questions from previous clients; this will hopefully answer any questions you may have about our hoarders clearance service. If you have any additional questions, please do contact us as we are more than happy to answer them.

If you require a quote, please just get in touch with us. We can determine what option works best for you; we can arrange access through your estate agent, solicitor or any other point of contact you choose.

All we really need is for you to identify a main point of contact for access. As we use large clearance vehicles, it is helpful to arrange suitable parking if possible, allowing us direct access to the property.

The simple answer is no, we do this for you. This actually helps us to identify items that can be reused through donations, which also reduces the number of items being disposed of.

Given the circumstances around hoarder house clearances, most of our clients prefer not to be present during this process. We can collect keys for access and retain any items you have identified during your clearance.

We encourage all clients to take or identify whatever items they wish to retain prior to a clearance. It is important to understand that once the house clearance begins, removed items are not recoverable. 


We can help you move and transport any large items you wish to keep throughout most of the UK. For smaller items, we can package and post these out to you if you live elsewhere or can deliver them once the house clearance is complete.

We often locate lost items such as photos, certificates, medals and important documents which we always retain for our clients. If you need us to look out for any missing items, we will do our very best to locate them for you.

This all depends on your requirements; all loose items tend to be removed during a house clearance. Typically, items that are classed as built-in usually remain during the clearance process unless otherwise instructed. Curtains and blinds are not normally removed unless required. Carpets can be lifted and removed if needed. White goods can be taken or retained depending on your needs.

We factor all the costs of your house clearance into our prices, so your quote includes everything with no additional charges.

During your house clearance quote, we will identify any items of value and adjust the costs accordingly, so the quote you receive will take your valuable items into account. It is worth remembering that selling an item yourself is always going to give you the best price and we are happy to advise on this.

As an environmentally responsible company, we attempt to re-use as many items as possible; finding new homes through various outlets such as charity shops. Items not fit for re-use are sorted during the house clearance for recycling purposes and are taken to waste recycling centres. Any remaining items are processed at the waste recycling centres for incineration for energy production.

Yes, if you require a property clean after a house clearance, we have a specialist team on hand. This additional service is available to our clients at an added cost. We can tailor this to your specific needs to include oven cleans and carpet cleaning if required.

This depends on the volume of items to clear and the size of the property. Typically, a full house clearance will take one or two days and a partial clearance will take one day or less. When providing a quote, we will confirm the length of time we expect it would take.

The short answer is no, there is no VAT to pay on your house clearance, so the quote we provide is the total price you will pay.

Paul Kennedy - Owner

” We believe customer satisfaction is the most important measure of success in any business. This belief forms part of our core values and motivates us to provide a reliable, professional, and friendly service for all of our clients “

Paul Kennedy – Owner of Kennedy’s House Clearance

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